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Taffety Punk exists to sustain a collection of performing artists who make theatre exciting, meaningful and affordable. We think of ourselves as a band, a theatre band if you will, in which acting, dance, and music are intricately linked. By focusing on the needs of the artists our work is more vivid, deep and meaningful to audiences. Since 2004, these principles have guided us. Our ensemble of artists grow together, complimenting each other, challenging each other, and establishing a relationship with our community.

Taffety Punk’s goals are to ignite a public passion for theatre, to question the status quo, and to make theatre more accessible and attractive. We want our audiences to re-evaluate what they expect from theatre, and to share in the discoveries we make onstage.

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Taffety Punk's company members act, dance, and make music. Sometimes we do all three at once. 

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Generator Projects


by Jupiter Rex
a Taffety Punk Generator project

Company member, Josh Taylor, composing as Jupiter Rex, is working on a set of unique, eerily danceable, retro futurism songs to be released as monthly singles thoughout the year.

Jupiter Rex has scored Taffety Punk’s productions of Phaeton, The Golem, Oxygen, and Burn Your Bookes in addition to many Bootleg Shakespeares.

Taffety Punk's Generator is an ongoing workshop series dedicated to giving our company members the space, time, and resources to pursue their inspirations. 

Next release due Nov 30, 2017

April 4 —21, 2018

Tickets Available Soon

Pay-What-You-Can previews:
April 4, April 5 at 7:30pm

Opens April 6
plays Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30pm

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