“Exceptional. In our ever present day of political discourse, finger pointing, and profitable racket over healthcare, Milligan manages to strip down the arguments by humanizing them to a frustrating, but immensely profound degree.” — Manhattan Digest

Two no-punches-pulled shows that take the American health care system head-on.

Opening in May 
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Theatre without a net. The Taffety Punk Bootleggers return to present the sequel to last year's Henry VI, part 1. The concept is simple, actors arrive with only their lines prepared. The show goes on, ready or not.   

Henry VI, pt 2

July 24, 2017
at the Folger Theatre
201 East Capitol St SE
Washington, DC 20003

Ticket and show information coming soon.

One our favorite composers is working on a set of unique, eerily danceable, retro futurism jams to be released as monthly singles thoughout the year. 

Jupiter Rex has scored Taffety Punk’s productions of Phaeton, The Golem, Oxygen, and Burn Your Bookes in addition to many Bootleg Shakespeares.

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