by Sadie Hasler

September 12 - 29, 2018

at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

545 7th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

directed by Linda Lombardi
starring company members Tonya Beckman & Esther Williamson

One day, Jude loses it in a café and kicks a pram. Then gets arrested. Then gets sent to anger management. Her sister Susie goes with her to protect her anger management class from her anger.

While the two actors take on multiple roles, this demanding and brutally hilarious play takes us to some pretty serious places. Hasler's script offers an unflinching look at what it means to be a modern woman.

photo by Teresa Castracane

Taffety Punk's company members act, dance, and make music. Sometimes we do all three at once. 

Generator Projects


by Jupiter Rex
a Taffety Punk Generator project

Company member, Josh Taylor, composing as Jupiter Rex, presents  a set of unique retro futurism songs, released as monthly singles thoughout 2017. The entire collection is now available on Bandcamp.

Taffety Punk's Generator Project is an ongoing workshop series dedicated to giving our company members the space, time, and resources to pursue their inspirations. 

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