presenting a classical punk double feature


Lilian Oben and Teresa Spencer.

The original hero of silenced women, Antigone, stands against tyranny and injustice through her words and deeds. In this new telling of Sophokles' classic tale, poet and translator Anne Carson presents an Antigone both inspiring and contemporary. With rich poetic language driving the action, Taffety Punk presents this epic story with an ensemble of actors, dancers, and musicians.

Directed by company member Kelsey Mesa
Choreography by Kelly King

Featuring Lilian Oben as Antigone, with company members Dan Crane and Esther Williamson, and guest artists Danny Puente Cackley, Louis E. Davis, Katie Murphy, Rachel Felstein, Teresa Spencer

The Fragments of Sappho

Katie C. Sopoci Drake

Starting with Anne Carson's unparalleled translation of all that remains of Sappho's poetry, choreograper Katie C. Sopoci Drake and director Marcus Kyd lead an ensemble of dancers, actors, and musicians to explore the tension of loss and signal decay. Can we know what is lost through what has been found?

Directed by company member Marcus Kyd
Choreography by Katie C. Sopoci Drake
Original music by Taffety Punk

Featuring company members Esther Williamson and Dan Crane, with guest artists Amanda Blythe, Safi Harriott, Katie Murphy and Erin White.

May 23 — June 8, 2019

May 23 - June 8, go to for details on tix.Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, 545 7th Street SE WDC 20003

the bootleggers return!

Bootleg Shakespeare:

Richard III

Theatre without a net. The Taffety Punk Bootleggers return after last year's Bootleg Shakespeare: Henry VI, Part 3. The concept is simple, actors arrive with only their lines prepared. The show goes on, ready or not.

Bootleg Shakespeare is the most exciting theatre event of the year. And it is free.


July 27, 2019 at 8pm

Tickets will be available at the box office on the day of the performance at 6:00pm, limit two per person. If all tickets are gone by show time there will be a queue for standing room tickets and unclaimed seats. There will be no advanced reservations of any kind. Good luck!

At the Folger Theatre


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Taffety Punk's company members act, dance, and make music. Sometimes we do all three at once. 

Generator Projects


by Jupiter Rex
a Taffety Punk Generator project

Company member, Josh Taylor, composing as Jupiter Rex, composed  a set of unique retro-futurism songs, released as monthly singles thoughout 2017. The entire collection is now available on Bandcamp.

Taffety Punk's Generator Project is an ongoing workshop series dedicated to giving our company members the space, time, and resources to pursue their inspirations. 

Get these great songs on Bandcamp

Sappho and Lucrece photos by Teresa Castracane, Bootleg pics by Brittany Diliberto
record covers by Josh Taylor and Marcus Kyd

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