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by Mike Milligan

Directed by Marcus Kyd
Choreography by Kelly Kin
Music by Josh Taylor

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
545 7th Street SE WDC 20003
May 7 — May 28


Bootleg Shakespeare
Henry VI, part 1

at the Folger Theatre
201 East Capitol St WDC 20003

Summer 2016


In the Belly of the Whale
(aka the Jonah Play)

by Georgette Kelly

Directed by Lise Bruneau
Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
545 7th Street SE WDC 20003
October 1 — 22



Phaeton explores the distance between who we are, who we think we are, and who we can be. In this space lies the conflict — the inescapable and universal struggle — between the mundane and the divine, between complacency and hope, between fear and action.

Who are you? Where do you come from? What are you driving toward? Do you fear your ideals? Do you fear liberation? How far would you go to renew the world

  The Taffety Punk bootleggers return to tackle another of Shakespeare’s lesser known works. This amazing play, too often conflated with parts 2 & 3, is seldom performed on its own. We will stage the entire play, battles and all, in a single day. Bootleg Shakespeare is the most exciting theatre event of the year.   Astrid is a sculptor. Domino is a hoarder. Jona is a writer. Calliope is a parrot. They all live in a Manhattan studio apartment building. When it begins to rain…and rain…and rain…they pile into one of Astrid’s sculptures and float out to sea. The adventure that ensues tests their endurance, as they lose one world and create another in the belly of a whale. This new take on the biblical story of Jonah asks: What does it mean to be swallowed, by a great fish? By a city? By yourself?

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