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The FIRST CITIZEN reading is at capacity. (That's what we say when a free show "sells" out).
Thank you all for the support. If you are daring, you can always try your luck at the door
or check out Beauty Pill over at Rock and Roll Hotel. They won't let you down. Superb.
First Citizen Reading - click to reserve free seats   the phaeton   jonah unlimited
SOLD OUT   Keep posted for how to get tickets   Tix available soon

First Citizen
a contemporary response to Shakespeare’s Coriolanus
by Anna Lathrop and Katherine Clair
Directed by Kelsey Mesa

Feb 6, 8PM

This show is officially at capacity. You can try your luck at the door. Sometimes all tickets are not claimed. But we cannot make any promises.

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
545 7th Street SE WDC 20003



by Michael Milligan

Directed by Marcus Kyd
Choreography by Kelly King

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
545 7th Street SE WDC 20003
April 29 — May 21


In the Belly of the Whale
(aka the Jonah Play)

by Georgette Kelly

Directed by Lise Bruneau
Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
545 7th Street SE WDC 20003
October 1 — 22



The Taffety Punk Generator project is an ongoing workshop focused on new works. We are very excited to present this reading of First Citizen. Shakespeare tells histories through the eyes of the powerful: the kings, the queens, and the generals. This contemporary response to Coriolanus travels the same whirlwind of political events that shook the foundation of Rome--this time, through the eyes of common citizens.It is a new take on an old story of a powerful military leader, as told by the plebeians.   This retelling of the classical Greek myth explores the failure of society to live up to the promise of its visionaries, and the tragic repercussions of that failure. On the anniversary of his queen's death, King Thetis intends to wed the beautiful commoner, Clymene, and to usher in an era of peace after an age of vicious war. However his son, Prince Thrasymachus, has other ideas. Only Clymene’s son, Phaeton, and a vital collection of village women, stand in the way of the Prince's diabolical plan.   Astrid is a sculptor. Domino is a hoarder. Jona is a writer. Calliope is a parrot. They all live in a Manhattan studio apartment building. When it begins to rain…and rain…and rain…they pile into one of Astrid’s sculptures and float out to sea. The adventure that ensues tests their endurance, as they lose one world and create another in the belly of a whale. This new take on the biblical story of Jonah asks: What does it mean to be swallowed, by a great fish? By a city? By yourself?

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