Company Members

Tonya Beckman

Actor, Singer, Dancer, Voice Coach

Lise Bruneau

Actor, Director, Singer, Dancer

Kathy Cashel

Composer, Musician


Chad Clark

Composer, Musician

Dan Crane

Actor, Musician, Director

Omar D. Cruz

Actor, Dancer, Singer

Chris Curtis

Director, Light & Sound Designer

Danielle A. Drakes

Actor, Director

Kimberly Gilbert

Actor, Musician, Dancer

Safi Harriott


Marcus Kyd

Actor, Musician, Director

Kelsey Mesa

Director, Singer

Erin Mitchell Nelson

Choreographer, Dancer, Musician


Katie Murphy



Teresa Spencer

Actor, Writer

Esther Williamson

Actor, Musician, Dancer

Board of Trustees

Ian Armstrong

Renee Beaver

Barbi Broadus

Kathy Cashel

Kimberly Gilbert

Marcus Kyd

Erin Mitchell Nelson

Ricky Ramón

eleni red

About Us

Taffety Punk exists to sustain a collection of performing artists who make theatre exciting, meaningful and affordable. We think of ourselves as a band, a theatre band if you will, in which acting, dance, and music are intricately linked. By focusing on the needs of the artists our work is more vivid, deep and meaningful to audiences. Since 2004, these principles have guided us. Our ensemble of artists grow together, complimenting each other, challenging each other, and establishing a relationship with our community.

We are utterly committed to making theatre affordable. Take a chance with us and explore the vast human riches of  theatre and dance.


The American theatre has a long history of racism and white supremacy. That sucks. Taffety Punk is inspired by the punk rock ethics of anti-authoritarianism, anti-consumerism, feminism, collective organization, and DIY producing. Anti-racism should always have been on that list. We will rebel against white supremacy in the theatre, in the country, and in ourselves by maintaining a company that reflects and supports the community we live in. Every decision we make, about the stories we tell, the artists we champion, our leadership, and our methods, will be guided by the question: “Is it radically inclusive?”

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