Shows are postponed, but...

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"The most vital of the city's small troupes."

—The Washington Post

Shows are postponed, but...

We have some social-distance friendly material, like this new Beauty Pill record which we released in February. Available on all media, but we prefer bandcamp, because the artists actually get paid. Check it out

Beauty Pill's
"Sorry You're Here"

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Digital or Vinyl, or both!  
Available on bandcamp
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We released Beauty Pill's score in conjunction with the ten year anniversary performance of our original dance play Order yours today.
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"Sorry You’re Here is that rare record that doesn’t merely live up to unrealistic expectations, but in its best moments, exceeds them."
—Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK

"The record resists concise description, every song as eclectic as it is evocative, beauty brushing against brutality, the classical and the cutting-edge intertwined in infinite variations. "
—M. L. Rio, The Vinyl District

"Chad Clark reveals once again why he's one of the best composers working in DC, if not America, at the moment."
—Glenn Griffith, A Pessimest Is Never Disappointed

Still in the works... but waiting to confirm dates

jona esther-1500
at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
545 7th Street SE WDC 20003

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It starts with a rain like no other rain. Four neighbors find themselves forced to help each other when their building is overwhelmed by a deluge. They climb onto a sculpture and float out on a new sea. The adventure that ensues challenges each of them as they come face to face with  their deepest fears. In the belly of a whale, the greatest challenge awaits you.

Taffety Punk's company members act, dance, and make music. Sometimes we do all three at once. 

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